THE racing format for the 2015-16 season is very similar to what was run in the previous year. Drivers start the show with time trials and from there they are seeded into the groups. At most events each driver will contest two heat races and then once points are added they will go into the feature race (A Main).

If there is a big field of cars there will be a B Main for the drivers who have not automatically qualified for the final with the leading placegetters from that race starting at the back of the A Main.

At many shows there will also be qualifying dashes before the finals where the top 8 will run against the clock and the quickest drivers will battle it out to start from pole position.

** THE Joker is a concept that has been in the AHG Sprintcar Series for a few seasons. To play the Joker drivers need to announce their intention at the drivers’ meeting, in front of their rivals, that they will play the card at that round.

Points in the series are only allocated on feature race finishing spots. So if you play the Joker and win the race, effectively you have gained the equivalent of two feature race wins. The last round to play the Joker is round 10 - at the Perth Motorplex on January 16. It will automatically be played for drivers who have not done so by that round.

** POINTS for the AHG Sprintcar Series are only allocated on the finishing order in feature races. The accumulation of points during the night from qualifying and heat races (no matter what the format) are only used to determine the starting order for the feature races.

The winning driver receives 150 points with second place receiving 146, third 144, fourth 142, fifth 140 and so on with two-point gaps down the line. Drivers who don’t finish the feature races will be given points according to where they drop out - so if you are the last car to drop out of the feature race and only 10 cars finish the race, you will be credited with 11th place.

The idea is to reward drivers who complete more of the feature race and don’t get the same points as someone who drops out on lap one. If you are contesting the show and do not start the feature race, you will be credited with 50 points only.

** AHG 123 TRIPLE CROWN The Triple Crown concept was introduced as a mini-series that was run at the end of the 2014-15 season and given its success, it’s back for 2015-16.

Instead of qualifying in groups the drivers are qualified two at a time. After the two heat races the top 8 drivers will contest a series of knockout rounds over two laps each. We start of with 8th v 7th and the winner of that progresses to take on the 6th highest pointscorer. We work out through to the top two with the winner to start from pole position for the final.

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